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About Us

Microlife Medical Home Solutions Inc. provides evidence-based, physician-guided, cost-effective solutions that help physicians adopt patient-centered care and empower patients to manage their health. 


About Microlife Medical Home Solutions, Inc. 

Since 2007, Microlife Medical Home Solutions, Inc. has partnered with pioneering primary care physicians in developing evidence-based and practice-tested solutions that help physicians structure their practices towards a Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) model of care.

Today, Microlife Medical Home Solutions is assisting physicians' and their medical practices with implementing a patient-centered, physician-guided approach to an improved evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular, pulmonary, and metabolic diseases.  Microlife's solutions are applicable to physicians specialized in:

  • Primary Care (i.e. Family, Internal Medicine, Obstetrics, Pediatrics)
  • Cardiology
  • Endocrinology
  • Bariatrics


Enabling a Physician's Transition to Patient-Centered Care

Many public policy initiatives are now elevating primary care medicine to center stage of patient-centered healthcare reform. With this increased focus on primary care comes the challenge of re-defining primary care around patient-centered care.  More patient-centered tools are needed to help these primary care physicians in making this paradigm shift in family medicine.


Evidence-based solutions from Microlife Medical Home Solutions, developed in partnership with primary care physicians, are empowering busy primary care practices to meet the diverse challenges of practicing primary care medicine in the 21st century.  

Continuing Partnership for Patient-Centered Primary Care

Microlife Medical Home Solutions, Inc. continues to work with physicians in developing solutions for other chronic diseases including cardiovascular disease, asthma/COPD and diabetes.  In the future, Microlife Medical Home Solutions will introduce the Microlife ˜HealthMI Network™.  This revolutionary web-based system will help physician practices with proactive patient health management (i.e. Best Medical Home).  The WatchBP and MedGem Weight Management Solution modules are the beginnings of the 'Best Medical Home' concept.

We invite you to join Microlife Medical Home Solutions, Inc in further development, implementation, and refinement of solutions that will help transform physician care.  If you are interested in learning more, please send us an email: info(at)