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Refine and enhance your patients' ability to effectively manage hypertension with a patient-centered, physician-guided program.

The WatchBP Advanced Practice Solution is an evidence-based program for a patient-centered diagnosis, treatment, and long-term monitoring of hypertension and is designed to empower patients to be an active participant in hypertension management.



WatchBP Advanced provides primary care practices with a practice-ready and cost-effective model for advanced patient hypertension diagnosis, treatment, and long-term monitoring.  The WatchBP Advanced Practice Solution consists of a unique combination of WatchBP Intermediate PracticeWare, LifeWare and the complete suite of Microlife WatchBP measurement devices.

WatchBP Advanced PracticeWare provides detailed guidelines for clinic workflow, structured patient education, advanced hypertension evaluation protocol, long-term treatment and monitoring algorithms, patient education materials, and recommended billing procedures. The program strictly adheres to evidenced-based, in-office and out-of-office blood pressure measurement as recommended by leading medical societies including the American Heart Association (AHA) and the European Society of Hypertension (ESH)1.

WatchBP Advanced LifeWare involves patients in their own hypertension management by providing educational materials, structured group education sessions, and intuitive software that guides patients towards positive lifestyle change.

Patient-Centered Hypertension Diagnosis, Treatment and Monitoring with WatchBP Advanced

Recent studies have demonstrated the failure of the U.S. health care system to achieve successful BP control in hypertensive patients.  There are many reasons that are preventing physicians from achieving adequate control of BP in the majority of their patients. The primary causes are difficulty in achieving an accurate and precise diagnosis, inaccurate patient BP data on which treatment is based, and inadequate and inconsistent BP guidelines.  The desire to provide more proactive, patient-centered care will require a renewed focus on hypertension which remains the leading contributor and predictor of cardiovascular disease2.


The WatchBP Advanced Practice Solution is a comprehensive program for physician-guided, patient-centered management of hypertension for those physician practices seeking to implement this model of patient care.  In addition, for those physician practices already offering progressive patient-centered care, the WatchBP Advanced is a comprehensive collection of measurement tools, protocols, and resources that aid busy physician practices in developing proactive management of pre-hypertension and hypertension.


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2  Call to Action on Use and Reimbursement for Home Blood Pressure Monitoring; Thomas G. Pickering et al; Hypertension 2008;52;1-9; originally published online May 22, 2008.