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Improve the accuracy of hypertension evaluation and diagnosis with the WatchBP Basic program.

The WatchBP Basic Practice Solution helps physician practices improve the accuracy of hypertension evaluation and diagnosis through an evidenced-based, practice-tested program for collection of patient out-of-office (O3) blood pressure measurement data using ambulatory blood pressure measurement (ABPM).



WatchBP Basic provides physician practices with a highly efficient and reimbursable model for hypertension evaluation and diagnosis.  The WatchBP Basic Practice Solution consists of a unique combination of WatchBP Basic PracticeWare and Microlife™s WatchBP O3 ABPM device, and requires minimal changes to existing practice workflow.


WatchBP Basic PracticeWareTM provides details for clinical workflow using ancillary medical personnel, advanced hypertension evaluation protocol, structured patient training, and recommended billing procedures for implementing ABPM in physician practices.  The program strictly follows evidenced-based guidelines for out-of-office (O3) blood pressure measurement as recommended by leading medical societies including the American Heart Association (AHA) and European Society of Hypertension (ESH), as well as requirements recently stipulated by the National Commission for Quality Assurance (NCQA).

Advancing Hypertension Diagnosis with WatchBP Basic

Recent studies have demonstrated the high percentage of misdiagnosed cases of hypertension resulting from an over-reliance from a single in-office blood pressure measurement1.   While many physicians recognize the value of out-of-office measurements, ABPM devices have proven prohibitively expensive, and home blood pressure measurement (HBPM) is commonly viewed as unreliable blood pressure measurement data.

ABPM is now recommended and is considered the "gold standard" by all major medical societies as an important and necessary adjunct to in-office blood pressure measurement.  In addition to providing a 24-hour assessment to a patient's blood pressure, ABPM also helps reduce misdiagnosis by properly identifying patients with white coat and masked hypertension1.  The WatchBP Basic Practice Solutions focuses on ABPM measurements which greatly improves the accuracy and reliability of evaluation and diagnosis of hypertensive patients in busy physician practices.

1  Is the Case for ABPM as a Routine Investigation in Clinical Practice Not Overwhelming? Eoin O™Brien Hypertension 2007;50;284-286; originally published online Jun 11, 2007.