WatchBP Home plays a valuable role in the long-term observation and management of controlled hypertension.


Working closely with leading hypertension specialists and prominent primary care physicians specialized in chronic care management, Microlife has developed a systematic program to implement evidence-based, guideline recommended in-office and out-of-office blood pressure measurements.

Between office visits, patients take a single duplicate measurement once a week using the Usual mode.  Two weeks prior to the next office visit, patients use the Diagnostic mode to collect 7 working days of morning and evening measurements as recommended by the AHA/ESH. Then, the patient brings their WatchBP Home device or WatchBP Home Analyzer Report to the next office visit.  WatchBP Home measurements (i.e., Usual and Diagnostic mode) can be directly compared to the in-office measurement.  This process enables the physician to confidently adjust treatment and empowers the patient to actively manage their blood pressure.

If you are a patient, please read more Intro to WatchBP Home and Taking Correct Blood Pressure.