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The MedGem Weight Management Solution is a provider-guided solution for assessment and the initiation of treatment for overweight and obesity in clinical practice.

MedGem Weight Management Solutions helps busy medical practices implement Body Mass Index evaluation of patients according to requirements based on recent findings from the National Commission on Quality Assurance (NCQA). MedGem Weight Management Solution Practice Solutions are designed to identity patients that are overweight or obese and have one or more identifiable comorbidities. The MedGem Weight Management Solution provides a provider-guided, individualized nutrition and physical activity program that promotes patient self-management.


It is widely known that obesity increases an individual™s risk for chronic medical problems such as diabetes, hypertension, and cardiovascular disease.1 Weight loss, therefore, can play a significant role in reducing the long-term risks of chronic disease. However, many patients struggle with weight loss without external guidance and support, yet a majority of patients express a desire for more guidance and support from their physician.2

Recent studies have demonstrated the benefits of greater provider involvement in individual patient weight management. However, many providers express concerns with the challenges inherent to providing individualized weight management programs, often noting the impossible task of managing daily weight loss plans for patients.2 Factors such as these have produced a declining trend in primary care physicians involvement in providing weight loss advice to overweight patients.3

Microlife's MedGem Practice Solutions offer a patient-centered, provider-guided approach to weight management. With MedGem solutions, providers can play a lead role in assessment and initiation of patient weight management programs while leaving daily nutrition and exercise plans to allied healthcare providers.

More Than a Medical Device

The MedGem solution utilizes a combination of medical devices, clinical software, and supporting educational materials that help physician™s assess, initiate and monitor treatment.
MedGem Solution PracticeWare provides comprehensive guidelines and documentation for evidence-based obesity assessment and weight management. Components include clinical algorithms, clinical staff workflow, structure patient training, billing processes, and other information pertinent to effective patient weight management.

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