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WatchBP Practice Solutions are helping primary care practices advance hypertension diagnosis and treatment management.

Hypertension is a leading indicator and predictor of health problems that can lead to stroke or heart failure.  Yet many physician practices lack the necessary tools and resources to effectively diagnose and manage hypertension in their patients.  WatchBP Practice Solutions are designed to help busy physician practices implement an advanced hypertension diagnosis and treatment management program without disrupting clinical practice workflow.


Choose the Solution That Meets Your Needs

Physician practices can choose from one of three practice solutions:  WatchBP Basic, WatchBP Intermediate, or WatchBP Advanced.  Each solution is custom designed to meet the varying needs of physician practices as they transition to a patient-centered, physician-guided model of care.

WatchBP is More Than a Medical Device

WatchBP Practice Solutions feature a combination of ready-to-implement PracticeWare guidelines, patient-focused LifeWare tools, and advanced diagnostic and measurement tools.

WatchBP PracticeWare provides comprehensive guidelines and documentation for evidence-based hypertension diagnosis and treatment management.  Components include clinical algorithms, clinical staff workflow, patient training, billing processes, and other information pertinent to effective hypertension management.

WatchBP LifeWare is designed specifically to empower patients to become an active participant in treatment management.  These tools help physicians guide patients in making appropriate positive lifestyle changes.  LifeWare tools are designed to improve the flow of information between patient and doctor and improve physician-patient communication without adding additional burdens on the physician.

WatchBP measurement devices including the WatchBP O3, WatchBP Home and WatchBP Office deliver comprehensive in-office and out-of-office blood pressure measurement data and strictly follow the American Heart Association (AHA) and European Society of Hypertension (ESH) recommended guidelines for proper blood pressure measurement.